La provincia de Córdoba


From October 9 – 12, I was in the province of Córdoba for Oktoberfest. We took an overnight bus to Córdoba from Buenos Aires. The bus system seems to be the most cost-efficient way to get around if you have time to sit on the road.

La festival nacional de la cerveza is in the town Villa General Belgrano about 1.5 hrs away from the city of Córdoba. We stayed a few miles outside of the town and took cabs to the festival for the two days we went. The hostel’s description said it was located seven blocks away from the bus stop. Those seven blocks ended up being a very vague and ambiguous approximation because there were no ‘blocks’, it was a 15 minute walk down a dirt road. Lindsey and I had backpacks but Lia had to wheel her suitcase, the valija – we were quite the disorganized mess.

Festival itself was a tourist trap – entrance fee to get into the beer park + the cost of the beers that you want. Lots of funky flavors: raspberry beer, lemon beer, nut ales, chocolate beer, mint beer (was green and nasty) – t’was quite fun to sample everything. There was so much German food:  wiener schnitzel, pretzels and apple strudel.

After two days of the festival and being bloated from all the beer, we went to Alta Gracia, a small town an hour outside of Córdoba and visited Che Guevara’s childhood home. El Museo Casa del Che taught me a lot more than what I knew from The Motorcycle Diaries. It was a short, sweet, interesting and I learned a lot – a successful museum visit. We also spent a day in the city of Córdoba before returning to Bs As, walked around a lot and admired a lot of churches. Most of the city was closed because it was Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural , October 12th, our Columbus Day. However, in Argentina the day rightfully honors indigenous diversity instead of Europeans conquering and killing indigenous communities. We went into the cabildo/ town hall building that is now used as a cultural and historical community center.


Wiphala – representing native Andean people


the cabildo in Córdoba


Che in Alta Gracia




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