coming-of-age during the War on terror?


i learned on my first day of institutionalized learning, that the world is a violent place.

It was my first day of Kindergarten on the upper east side of manhattan. 9/11.

and that lesson has been drilled into me, repeatedly.

the world is a violent place.


a friend said “we undervalue times of no disasters”, over sunday morning coffees.

last week on sunday morning, we woke up to news about the orlando shooting.

this declarative statement: ““we undervalue times of no disasters” confused me.

how do i undervalue not having a disaster?

should i be celebrating if there isn’t a mass shooting every morning i wake up?

maybe i should be. but i expect disaster.

the world is a violent place.


thats how our world works.

i will not celebrate the fact that there was not a mass shooting during the night as i drink my morning coffee. i will not make that celebration part of my routine 

because there probably was a shooting last night, somewhere.

it could have been the police that was shooting, or being shot at.  it could have been your neighbor, or your cousin. it could be anyone because its everywhere. 

i am becoming numb to the shootings and mass killings at our schools, our movie theaters and night clubs. i am numb to the the terror attacks in paris, brussels, tel aviv, cartagena, and ankara. cities listed in that order, because some victims of violence are an afterthought, barely reported. some places and people aren’t as valued as ‘merican lives .

domestic terrorism? intimate terrorism? international terrorism? since when are there so many different kinds of terrorism that we need qualifiers.

people want me to believe that the world is safer than it has ever been before, historically. that may be true, but i cant accept that as enough. 

that cant be enough when you are asking me to celebrate the fact that we haven’t had a mass shooting in the past week. or at least one that hasn’t hit national media attention.

this is ignorant and naive. there is violence everywhere. it affects communities of every scale.

nationally, locally, academic institutions or night clubs.

the world is a violent place.



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