Current Songs


“Let’s Get Breakfast” by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra

  •  Ideally should be played when still in bed and trying to rally the energy to go get breakfast.

“You Go Down Smooth” by Lake Street Dive

  • The band is named after a street in Minneapolis but is based in Brooklyn – merging  two cities that I frequent!

“Down South” by Jeremy Loops

  •  An energetic South-African singer that a co-worker showed me this past summer.

“Be Like You” by We Were Evergreens

  • Bringing back the Jungle Book theme song, except more melodic vocals.

“Crazy Dream” & “Beautiful Escape” by Tom Misch 

  • surreal and dreamy

Everything by Kishi Bashi 

  •  I saw him live at First Ave. in Minneapolis, MN this past October and loved his energy. We were dancing and flailing with a dancing steak or swaying silently completely captured by a boiled down, raw,  performance of honeybody.  




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